Appointment Policies 
Depending on the number and severity of the injuries or pain issues present, we suggest the appropriate time frame for each individual's treatment sessions. For most injury problems, it is usually recommended that clients come two to three times a week for the first four to six weeks and then once a week, tapering off slowly as the pain or injury abates and heals. 
For individuals receiving treatment for health maintenance and prevention, two or four sessions per month are advised. 

                                                                          To schedule an appointment, please call 

                                                                              (405) 942-4111 or (405) 728 - 5000
If you’re unable to keep your appointment, you may reschedule or cancel until the day beforehand by using the online scheduler (until midnight) or
by calling (405)-942-4111 or (405) 728-5000 (during business hours). Unless there is an emergency, full payment is expected for appointments cancelled on the same day. If you are late, the session still falls within the scheduled appointment time. 

Appointment Length and Fees 

The initial evaluation and treatment typically lasts approximately 90 minutes.

Treatments cost:

30-minute session -  $50.00

 60-minute session - $85.00

$125 per 90 minute session (The majority of treatment sessions last 30-60 minutes. Some cases of complex or multiple injuries may require longer sessions.) 

For health maintenance and prevention, you can buy a Package of several sessions to make some savings from each session. 

3 – 30-minute sessions - for $142
Regular price $150 (Savings of $8) 

4 – 30 minute sessions – for $180
Regular price $200 (Savings of $20)

5 – 30- minute sessions – for $200 
Regular price $250 (Savings of $50) 

3 – 60-minute sessions for $192 
Regular price $255 (Savings of $63) 

4 – 60-minute sessions for $240 
Regular price $ 340 (Savings of $100) 

5 – 60-minute sessions for $295 
Regular price $425 (Savings $130) 

3 – 90-minute sessions for $295 
Regular price $375 (Savings $80) 

4 – 90- minute sessions for $385 
Regular price $500 (Savings $115) 

Rossiter Stretching Sessions Rates:

30 min. -   $45.00

45 min. -  $55.00

 Recovery Package: three prepaid sessions scheduled within

14 days time - $125.00

60 min. Myoskeletal Alignment with 30 min. Rossiter Stretching session - $115
Regular price $135 (Saving $ 20)



Payment must be received at the time of the appointment and may be paid by cash, check or credit card. .  
Individuals who have financial constraints are encouraged to discuss their situation with us to find a possible alternative solution. 
Some insurance policies cover manual therapy or massage therapy. We do not take assignment for massage therapy, but will give you a receipt that can be turned into the insurance company for reimbursement.