Essential Oils: 

Nature’s Living Energy

   Essential oils are volatile liquids and aromatic compounds that are distilled or pressed from plants. Like the blood in the human body, the essential oil of a plant is used to seal the cut, protect the wound, provide nutrients and oxygen for cell regeneration and guard against harmful microorganisms.

    Essential oils have been around for thousands of years with well-documented research supporting their use for physical and emotional health. If you are looking for natural ways to give your medicine cabinet a make-over, elevate your mood or simply use essential oils as a replacement for candles and air fresheners in your home, it would be our honor to help you get started.

Why choose Young Living everyday oils?

When it comes to essential oils – farming, distilling, and sourcing is everything! Young Living has carefully curated farms all over the world, and uses a proprietary Seed to Seal® Process that produces the most authentic essential oils available today. Unlike other essential oils on the market that rely on chemicals and processing, Young Living oils are never diluted, cut, or adulterated in any way. Using a proprietary, low-temperature distillation process that's entirely chemical-free, Young Living sets the standard for purity, potency, and authenticity.

Discover the incredible versatility of essential oils, and learn how millions use them to supplement a healthy lifestyle.

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