My daughter Emily has been a client of yours for several years and has always recommended you highly. Most recently, I developed an intermittent pain in my neck that was getting worse and making it difficult to drive. Emily said firmly, "Mom, go see Olga."  I took her direction and I am glad I did.  My neck feels much better as does my shoulders and back which were tight due to stress.  Your home and massage space were very pleasant and calming.  You were so gracious and patient.  Best of all the  massage I received helped my neck and my mood.  It was such a good experience; I look forward to recommending you to other friends who would benefit from your special medicine.

MaryAnn Heard

Thank you for the wonderful massage. My shoulders have not felt this good since I was a teenager! Thank you!

Diana Johnson

Olga is the best massage therapist I have ever been to.  Due to my profession, I have had a lot of abuse to my body, in addition to continuous stress.  Olga has "magic hands" that can sense the knots and slowly unravel them so that I can function again, free from pain.  I suffer from migraines, and Olga has managed to decrease the frequency of my migraines.  She truly has a gift from God, and cares deeply for her clients. 

Sara Jenkins

The massage services I have received over the past few years from Olga and wonderful!  I have experienced a sciatic pain down my left leg and pain in the left hip off and on for some time.
Olga really concentrated on the nerves and areas that were giving me trouble and made a tremendous difference after just one massage.  I would recommend Olga to anyone with a specific, recurring pain.  She is able to hone in on the exact place and apply just the right pressure to alleviate the pain.  Her studio is lovely, and she is always improving her knowledge of her skills.
She has been studying for several years to become a Naturopathic doctor and has recently achieved that goal.  Olga is a great asset to her profession here in OKC!

Sue Vanderwater

Hi, Olga,

 I’ve been meaning to call but will email instead. I want you to know that the chronic pain in my knee is gone.

I was in Dallas the third week in October out walking and I realized I don’t hurt!

I came to you with a GroupOn (I believe it was in ) late August/September. You did a series of stretching sessions then

I bought a massage package and you did a series of massages.

I am amazed. I feel great!

Thank you,

Pat Sullivan

I am a physician in Oklahoma City, and have been a client of Olga's for 11 years. She is one of the most skilled massage therapists I know. She continues to perfect her skills by attending frequent seminars and continuing education courses. I have referred several of my patients and friends to her. They are always impressed with her kindness and professionalism. I suggest you make an appointment with Olga, and relish a wonderful hour in  her special care, enjoying all the health benefits and relaxation that massage therapy can provide.

Elaine Nordhues, M.D.

 I have been seeing Olga since 2001, after my first Chair Massage from her.  I have many health problems, such a Fibromyalgia, Arthritis,  Back Issues and tight muscles in my neck and  legs.  She is part of my Health Regiment, to help keep me going and reduce my aches and pains.   The Therapeutic Massages, I receive from Olga, have improved my Quality of Life.

Julann Terry

 I have been coming to Olga Hill for massages for many years. I was going to massage therapists since I was a child. Having experience with different massage techniques, I could definitely tell that Olga is the best massage therapist I ever had! Especially if you prefer a deep tissue massage! Olga is very knowledgeable in a wide variety of natural healing methods and is able to tailor the treatment plan to your specific needs. I am very pleased with the quality of service provided by Olga and highly recommend her a quality massage therapist.

Lena Oldham