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November 22, 2021

A recent study  was  conducted  to  evaluate the physiological effects of lemongrass massage oil on human vital signs. Lemongrass,  Cymbopogon  citratus (DC)  Stapf., a tall perennial grass, is native to warm regions and grows  in  almost  all  tropical  and  subtropical countries.  It is widely used as an ingredient in Asian cuisines  because of its sharp lemon flavor.

Aromatherapy and Massage

Karrie Osborn

Aromatherapy, a process utilizing the purest essence of a plant, is a 4,000-year-old technique that has enhanced the health of everyone from modern-day pop divas to the scholars of ancient Greece. The art of massage has its own deeply rich roots, with even Plato and Socrates touting the value of hands-on bodywork for good health.
Separately, these two therapeutic traditions hold individual prowess in the realm of personal health and well-being. Together, however, they become a formidable health alliance that can address not only a person's physical health, but the health of the mind and spirit as well.