February 17, 2017

Cleansing and the commitment you make to it is a personal choice. You have to decide what program you want to follow and then discipline yourself to accomplish what you desire. Even drinking enough water takes discipline.

However, the reward is worth the denial of food and the pleasure of eating. You cannot put a price on health, because the price of not having good health is too high. You simply have to plan your protocol, get started, and stay with it.

    The Ideal Program

      The ideal cleansing program requires a high consumption of water. You should work up to a gallon  of water each day. Then with strong digestive enzymes, minerals, high-potency herbs, and therapeutic-grade essential oils, the body is ready to go to work.

 Essential oil have a special, lipid-soluble makeup, which gives them a remarkable ability to penetrate cell membranes, break up undigested food, and digest toxins.

Essential oils deliver oxygen that inhibits the growth of many types of microbes. In fact, many essential oils have been studied and documented for their unique antimicrobial, antifungal, and anti-parasitic properties.

Some oils, like Rosemary, have demonstrated significant antiseptic activity, with documented research appearing in many scientific journals.

Cleanse Often

      Cleansing  should be done two to three times a year, but eating healthy cleansing food s and supplements should be a daily part of your life throughout the year.

Naturally, with age comes a greater buildup of debris in our bodies caused by the food we eat and the pollutants in our environment, as well as less production of stomach acids and enzymes. Without proper enzyme production, the body is not able to properly break down undigested proteins and other fermenting debris that obstruct our digestive system and impede the assimilation of nutrients.

Cleans Completely

     It is difficult to control internal pollution with a simple one-time fix or a single magic bullet. Complete cleansing requires many different solutions targeted at specific systems of the body. Cleansing the liver requires a different combination of herbs, oils, and minerals than those required for colon.

   A complete cleansing requires a broad array of products that are effective against a wide variety of contaminants and microorganisms, not just one or two. Contaminants, like heavy metals, need a different set of tools to deactivate and purge them from the body than parasites do.

Essential oils are important part of a complete cleansing program. Essential oils are highly antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral, and anti-inflammatory. They digest and chelate toxic chemicals and poisons in the body. Essential oils promote the body’s production of enzymes, which improve colon peristalsis, the key to waste elimination.

(Essential Oils Desk Reference)