The principles of naturopathic medicine are what distinguish it from every other type of medicine and what makes naturopathic medicine so clinicially powerful, effective and in tune with patients. If we forget, ignore or do not follow these principles, naturopathic medicine will be relegated to a historical foot note. Paul Saunders, PhD, ND, DHANP 
In 1986 the American Association of Naturopathic Practitioners formed a committee that consisted of naturopathic doctors Pam Snider, Jared Zeff and others. These practitioners spent over three years reviewing the historic data and documents and interviewing over 1,000 people. In 1989 a unified definition of naturopathic medicine and the description of the six naturopathic principles were established and were accepted by the two national naturopathic associations (AANP and CAND).
Vitalism and Holism represent the philosophy of naturopathic medicine. The principles represent how these philosphies are applied in practice.
The six prinicples of naturopathic medicine are

  • First, Do No Harm (primum non nocere) 
  • Healing Power of Nature (vis medicatrix naturae) 
  • Treat the Cause (tolle causam) 
  • Treat The Whole Person (tolle totum) 
  • Doctor as Teacher (docere) 
  • Disease Prevention and Health Promotion