Chamomile, Roman (Chamaemelum nobile)

Botanical Family: Asteraceae or Compositae (daisy)

Plant Origin: Utah, France

Extraction Method: Steam distilled from flowering top.

Key Constituents: Isobutyl Angelate+Isamyl; Methacrylate (30-45%); Isoamyl Angelate (12-22%); Methyl Allyl Angelate (6-10%); Isobutyl n-butyrate (2-9%)2-Methyl Butyl Angelate (3-7%).

ORAC: 240 µTE/100g

Historical Data: Used in Europe for skin regeneration. For centuries, mothers have used chamomile to calm crying children, combat digestive and liver ailments, and relieve toothaches.

Medical Properties: Relaxant, antispasmodic, anti-inflammatory, antiparasitic, nerve regenerative, anesthetic, detoxifies blood and liver.

USES: Relieves restlessness, anxiety, ADHD, depression, insomnia, skin conditions (acne, dermatitis, eczema)

Fragrant Influence: Because it is calming and relaxing, it can combat depression, insomnia, and stress. It minimizes anxiety, irritability, and nervousness. It may also dispel anger, stabilize the emotions, and help to release emotions that are linked to the past.

Application: (1) Apply 2-4 drops on location, ankles, or wrists, (2) apply on chakras and/or Vita Flex points, (3) inhale directly, (4) diffuse, or (5) take as dietary supplement;

 Found in: Awaken, Clarity, Dragon Time Bath & Shower Gel, Forgiveness, Genesis Hand & Body Lotion, Gentle Baby, Harmony, Joy, Juva Flex, K&B, Kidscents Tender Tush, Motivation, M-Grain, Rehemogen, Surrender, Wolfberry Eye Cream.


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