November 18, 2018

Most people would agree that massage is soothing relaxing, and pleasurable. But Raindrop Technique is unquestionably far superior as it combines essential oils with special massage techniques to add greater therapeutic benefits to a pleasurable massage.

Anyone who has experienced Rain drop Technique is very quick to get on the massage table again to enjoy and discover new benefits of this most remarkable application of essential oils.

Raindrop Technique is one of the safest, noninvasive regimens available to spinal health. It is also an invaluable method to promote healing from within using topically applied essential oils.

Raindrop Technique was developed by D. Gary Young, and it based on his research of essential oils and their antimicrobial properties, his knowledge of the Vita Flex technique and its reflex points on the feet, and fascinating information on the light stroking called “effleurage” and its effect on the muscles and the nervous system.

   The use of undiluted essential oils in Raindrop Technique is consistent with the French model for aromatherapy – which is  the most extensively practiced and studied model in the world. Having used essential oils clinically since 1920s, the French have consistently recommended neat (undiluted) use of essential oils. An illustrious raster of 20th century French physicians provides convincing evidence that undiluted essential oils have a valuable place in the therapeutic arsenal of clinical professionals. Rene Gattefosse, PhD; Jean Valnet, MD; Jean-Claude Lapraz, MD; Daniel Penoel, MD; and many others have long attested to the safe and effective use of undiluted essential oils and the dramatic and powerful benefits they can impart.

A number of medical professionals throughout the United States have adopted Raindrop Technique in their clinical practice and have found it to be an outstanding method to relieve the problems associated with sciatica, scoliosis, kyphosis, and chronic back pain.

Raindrop Technique is a powerful, noninvasive technique utilizing the antiviral, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory action of several key essential oils to assist the body in maintaining or retraining the spinal column’s natural curvature.

Essential oils are some of the most powerful inhibitors of microbes known and as such are an important, new weapon in combating many types of tissue infections. 

A 2001 study conducted by D. Gary Young, Diane Horne, Sue Chao, and colleagues at Weber StateUniversity in Ogden, Utah, found that Oregano, Thyme, Peppermint, and Basil exhibited very strong antimicrobial effects against pathogens such as Streptococcus pneumoniae, a major cause of of illness in young children and deathin elderly and immune-weakened patients. Many other studies also confirmed these findings.

The ability of essential oils to penetrate the skin quickly and pass into body tissues to produce therapeutic effects has also been studied. Hoshi University researchers in Japan found that cyclic monoterpenes (including menthol, which is found in Peppermint) are so effective in penetrating the skin that they can actually enhance the absorption of water-soluble drugs. North Dakota State University researchers have similarly found that cyclic monoterpenes such as limonene and other terpenoids such as menthone and eugenol easily pass through the dermis, magnifyin the penetration of phamaceutical drugs such as tamoxifen.

It is interesting to note that many essential oils used in Raindrop Technique – in addition to being highly antimicrobial – are also among those classified as GRAS (Generally Regarded As Safe) for internal use by U.S. Food and Drug Administration. These include Basil, Marjoram, Peppermint, Oregano, and Thyme.

Experience the wonderful results of a first-time Raindrop application does not mean that all the desired benefits will be realized. One Raindrop session might be just a time to balance and relax the body. Some individuals may feel they want to have Raindrop once a week, once a month, or every three or four months. Other individuals working on structural realignment or needing emotional support may choose to have Raindrop done on a weekly basis to continue with their progress.

It is important to recognize that a healthy body is not attained by doing just one thing. It is a result of well-rounded program of exercise, proper diet, and sufficient sleep. Health is everything  we do, say, see eat, and think, along with drinking plenty of water and getting enough sleep.

(From Essential oils Desk Reference)


*This information is for educational purposes only and as a guideline for your personal use. It should not be used as a substitute for medical counseling with a health professional.