Personal Training


                Training with us has it's advantages

 Our personal training program means huge savings on gym memberships over time:

- YOU will schedule your training sessions at your convenient time
- We will help you define and set realistic goals.
- We will teach you to overcome obstacles.
- We will re-evaluate and adapt your program as needed.

-We will get you results... GUARANTEED


Working at our home- studio has many advantages. You will receive one-on-one instruction and the undivided attention of your personal trainer. Your training session is guaranteed to be focused on the most important person at that time – YOU!

Along with fitness coaching, we provide nutrition counseling  and Rossiter stretching if you have stiff and sore muscles—an entire system designed to help clients make good health and fitness a permanent part of their lives.


What is Personal Training?
Personal Training is designed to help you achieve your fitness goals faster. Your Personal Trainer wil create an individualized fitness program that includes cardio, flexibility, core strengthening and resistance training to help you maximize your time and get results. Personal Training is available in 30-Minute and 60-Minute sessions. It's a program that doesn't just make you look better - you'll feel better.

How does Personal Training Work?
Your trainer will begin by identifying your goals and creating a personalized fitness plan. During each session, you'll learn the best exercises for your needs. Your trainer will also guide you on the proper amount of weight and number of reps, how long to rest between sets and how to avoid injury. With this expert knowledge, you'll get more from every workout and make steady progress towards your goals!