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March 29, 2023

Rose (Rosa damascena) as an ornamental plant is commonly known as “Gole Mohammadi” in Iran. Iranian people have been called this plant, the flower of Prophet “Mohammad”. 

Rosa damascena is traditionally used for treatment of abdominal and chest pains, strengthening the heart, menstrual bleeding, digestive problems and constipation. This plant has an important position in Iranian traditional medicine. It is economically a valuable plant with therapeutic applications in modern medicine. The antimicrobial, antioxidant, analgesic, anti-inflammatory, anti-diabetic and anti-depressant properties of Rosa damascena have been confirmed. Citronellol and geraniol as the main components of Rosa damascena essential oil are responsible for pharmacological activities.

Rosa damascena as the king of flowers has been the symbol of love, purity, faith and beauty since the ancient times. It was originated from Iran and essential oil extracting from its flowers has been started since 7th century A.D. It was brought to Europe and has been cultivated in European countries. Nowadays, Bulgaria and Turkey are the main producers of Rosa damascena essential oil in the world and the Bulgarian Rosa damascena oil is the known best ones. The Iranian people called it, Gol-E-Mohammadi (the flower of Prophet “Mohammad”) Rosa damascena flowers should handpick daily at early morning and are used immediately after harvesting for industrial purposes.  

What is Rose Essential Oil ?

Rose essential oil typically comes from the damask rose (Rosa damascena) plant and it takes around 10,000 rose petals to make one pound of oil, which is why it’s one of the more expensive essential oils.

Rose essential oil or liquid gold is expensive yellow pale essential oil that is steam distilled from the flower petals. The oil distilled from damask roses is sometimes sold as Bulgarian rose oil or Bulgarian rose otto. Bulgaria, Turkey and Morocco are the main producers of rose essential oil in the world.The essential oil yield from Bulgarian rose varied from 0.032–0.049% (w/w). Rose essential oil has a very rich floral scent that is both sweet and slightly spicy at the same time.