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May 22, 2022

Our body is a complex network of tubes, and the more freely they flow, the healthier we are. Our lymph and circulation are a major component of the free-flow of fluids throughout our body. Massage designed to enhance circulation, especially of the legs, the abdomen and the back, bring wonderful benefits to the whole body.The purpose of the Circulatory Blend is to eliminate stagnation and toxins from the body by increasing healthy circulation through aromatic massage.

Suggested Recipe for a Circulation Blend

Lemon 30%   Myrtle 25%   Rosemary 20%   Cypress 20%

Cinnamon 3%    Oregano 2%

  • A primary reason for this blend is to improve circulation in the legs and feet because  we sit too much and move too little. This leads to many leg and joint problems that a little leg and foot massage with the Circulation Blend would help to solve. Dilute the blend in a carrier oil at 5-10% and apply in upward massage starting at the feet. Concentrate on the ankles and calves and move upwards onto the thighs if desired.
  • Use the same dilution to massage the liver and the kidney area right under the ribcage in the front and the corresponding area in the back.
  • Massage the lung area by stroking the soft tissue between the ribs as well as above and below the clavicle.
  • Many people complain of cold hands and feet, which means poor circulation  in the extremities. Regular neck massage and massage of the lower back with the Circulation Blend will significantly improve this condition.
  • Poor circulation is the central issue in osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Frequent use of the Circulation Blend for back and abdominal massage will help significantly.
  • Abdominal and back massage for improved circulation will benefit sexual and kidney performance as well. When massaging the abdomen, remember to move in a clockwise direction with the directional flow of food through bowels.

Try these singles to enhance the action of your Circulation Blend: basil, lavender, lemon.


Source: Integrated Guide to Essential Oils & Aromatherapy