Lemongrass Oil for Improvement of Oral Health

Lemongrass essential oil has been used for decades to treat respiratory infections, sinusitis, bladder infections, high cholesterol, digestive problem, varicose veins and also for regeneration of connective tissue. It has anti spasmodic, anti-pyretic, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-septic, insect repellent, sedative, vasodilator and flavoring properties. In china, it has been used traditionally as a remedy for stomach and liver diseases and also to treat rheumatism. Since lemongrass oil possess various pharmacological actions, it is also quite useful in dentistry.

Petitgrain Essential Oil for Memory Enhancement

July 13, 2024

Essential oils multiple mechanisms of action and neurological properties make them leading solutions to preserve and restore memory function. Petitgrain essential oil is derived from the water distillation process on mandarin (Citrus reticulata) leaves. The Citrus genus is known for its contribution to medicinal activities. Petitgrain essential oil is derived from the leaves and green twigs of the mandarin plant (Citrus reticulata). It has numerous uses in herbal medicine. This oil has a very good reputation as a nerve tonic.

 Rosemary for Memory and Alzheimer’s

July 5, 2024

In folk medicine, rosemary has been associated for centuries with having a good memory.  The plant takes its name from rosmarinus, a Latin term meaning sea dew. Ros (meaning dew) and marinus (meaning sea), which translates to dew of the sea or sea dew. According to Greek methology, rosemary was draped around the neck of Aphrodite as she rose from the sea, and hence the name dew of the sea.The Rosemary plant not only smells nice and looks nice when growing in our garden. It also appears that it increases our brain power.

A study published in the Psychogeriatrics journal found that rosemary oil aromatherapy can boost memory, prevent and slow Alzheimer's disease in 28 elderly patients with dementia and Alzheimer's. Rosemary has also been associated with relieving stress and anxiety. One study suggests that rosemary, combined with other pleasant-smelling oils, may lower cortisol levels and help reduce anxiety.

Water with the Essential Oils

June 29, 2024

Ahhh! There’s nothing quite as refreshing as drinking a tall glass of water. But there’s much more to water than meets the eye—or dry mouth. For instance, did you know that your body contains more water than any other substance? Or that every system in your body needs it to function properly?

Water gets rid of waste, regulates body temperature, provides cushioning for joints, and can protect sensitive tissue—along with a sea of other benefits. But are you a fish out of water when it comes to hydration? 

Whether you’re looking for a creative way to increase your daily water intake, cutting down on sodas or sugary drinks, or wanting to reap the internal benefits of a particular essential oil, adding essential oils to your water is one of the most effective ways to meet your goals, while enjoying a tasty drink

Ylang-Ylang Essential Oil for the Topical Treatment of Scalp Psoriasis and Dandruff

June 15, 2024

Scalp psoriasis and dandruff are common dermatological conditions affecting a significant portion of the population worldwide. These conditions can cause scalp itching, flaking, inflammation, and discomfort, negatively impacting the quality of life. Traditional treatments for scalp psoriasis and dandruff often involve the use of corticosteroids and antifungal agents, which may have side effects and limited efficacy. Therefore, there is a need for alternative therapies that are safe, effective, and well-tolerated.

Cananga odorata, commonly known as Ylang-Ylang, is a tropical plant native to Southeast Asia. It is known for its aromatic properties and has traditionally been used with various therapeutic purposes, including treatment of skin disorders. Ylang-Ylang essential oil extracted from the plant possesses antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant properties, making it a potential candidate for treating scalp psoriasis and dandruff.

Antidepressant-like Activity of Patchouli Oil

June 9, 2024

Depression is difficult to treat with available drugs because individual responses to these drugs vary so widely. Commercially available antidepressants have limitations related to the slow onset of action and low response rate. In addition, they also have adverse side effects, such as abnormal bleeding, indigestion, and even sexual dysfunction. The distressing side effects of antidepressants have inspired the exploration of other effective alternative treatments with fewer side effects. Recently, researchers have hypothesized that factors beyond neurotransmitters (like serotonin) contribute to depression, such as neuroinflammation and brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) levels. This has led researchers to increase their efforts to find a natural solution for depressive-like symptoms.

 Reflex Segmental Massage: Basic Concepts and Principles

May 31, 2024

Reflex segmental massage is a method of treatment and relaxation based on the stimulation of special points on the human body. This technique is based on the idea of the connection between different organs and points on the surface of the skin. Reflex zones, which are sense organs, make up segmental lines on the human body. During the massage, the therapist works on these points using various techniques that have a positive effect on the functioning of internal organs and the general condition of the body.

The advantages of reflex segmental massage are obvious. This method can be used for treatment of many diseases and various disorders of the body. It has not only therapeutic, but also preventive properties. In addition, massage promotes relaxation and improves overall well-being. Reflex segmental massage is also a safe alternative to pharmaceuticals, has no side effects, and can be used both alone and in combination with other treatment methods.

Reflex Segmental Massage: Importance and Value

The importance and value of reflex segmental massage is in its ability to improve overall health and well-being. The benefits of this massage method include:

1. Stimulation of blood circulation and metabolic processes: Massage improves blood circulation and the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to organs and tissues, which contributes to their functioning and regeneration.

2. Relieving muscle tension: Massage helps to relax tense muscles, improves their flexibility and mobility. This is especially useful for chronic back, neck or shoulder pain.

3. Improving organ function: Massage affects the reflective areas that are associated with certain organs. This can help improve the functioning of relevant organs, such as the heart, lungs, or digestive system.

4. Stress and tension relief: Reflex segmental massage has a calming effect on the nervous system, which helps to reduce stress and tension levels.

5. Boosting immunity: Massage can help strengthen the immune system, activate the body's defense mechanisms, and increase its ability to resist infections and diseases.

Reflex-segmental massage is an effective and safe method for health improvement. When used correctly, it can help treat a variety of ailments, improve overall well-being, and improve quality of life.

Enjoy Your Summer with Rossiter Stretching

May 28, 2024

Summer is the time to get outside and enjoy the sun while keeping your body active! There are so many ways to enjoy the outdoors with activities, camping, traveling and all require that your body be in good condition to fully enjoy and embrace the season! Regardless of what you have planned, keeping your body active this summer Rossiter Stretching (RS) can help you stay limber and pain-free, making those summer activities much easier and more enjoyable!

Rossiter Stretching Techniques (RST) are designed to:

- Relieve Pain: Targeted stretches can alleviate chronic pain and tension.

- Increase Flexibility: Regular practice enhances your range of motion.

- Boost Performance: Improved flexibility and reduced pain can lead to better athletic performance and more enjoyable daily activities.

Rosa damascena Mill. (Damask rose) Essential Oil for Alzheimer's Disease.

May 16, 2024

 Acetylcholine (ACh) is an important neurotransmitter in both the central and peripheral nervous systems, providing communication between two nerve cells. One of the most important features of Alzheimer's disease (AD) is decreased function of neurotransmission, which causes significant cholinergic neuronal abnormalities/losses with decreased choline acetyltransferase levels and accompanying reduced ACh synthesis.

The genus Rosa represents one of the most important genera of Rosaceae family and has 200 species and nearly 20,000 varieties. It has been suggested that the extracts of the plant, particularly those used in perfumery, are also potential sources of antioxidants that can be employed in food preservation. Rosa damascena  (Damask rose) is one of the most important fragrant rose species from which essential oils and high-value products may be derived and widely used in traditional medicine to treat fevers, sore throats, and gastrointestinal symptoms. According to the research, Rosa damascena possesses sedative, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, and antioxidant properties. There is also substantial evidence that Rosa  damascena extract significantly stimulates neurite growth and prevents amyloid-beta (Aβ) fibrillation and accumulation in the brain.

Date Vinegar Lowers Inflammation, Cholesterol, Blood Sugar

May 2, 2024

Dates are delicious fruits with a sweet taste and a fleshy consistency. Dates also have various bioactive components which have effects on different types of diseases. 

According to clinical research, date vinegar can significantly reduce bad cholesterol including triglycerides and LDL-cholesterol, and reduce inflammatory markers. It can also reduce blood sugar levels for diabetics according to the research. It makes a delicious combination with olive oil too.

What is Date vinegar?

Making vinegar from fruits or grain (white vinegar) is done through a fermentation process. The fruit is blended with water and a fermentation yeast culture (“starter”). Then the mixture is allowed to sit open to the air while the culture proceeds to ferment the fruit mix to vinegar. (A cheese-cloth over the open container helps protect the fermentation process.) Apple cider vinegar is one of the most popular types of vinegar and comes with a variety of health effects. Now we find that date vinegar also comes with significant health effects.

Health Benefits of Date Vinegar

Dates vinegar is not new and has been in use since Babylonia (5,000 years ago) as food and medicine. In another study carried out at the University of Otago, New Zealand, it was confirmed that date vinegar has antioxidant activity that is comparable to wine vinegar but higher than apple cider vinegar and white wine vinegar. That’s why it has medicinal value. Some of the health benefits of date vinegar are: