Thursday, January 7, 2021 - 12:30

January 7, 2021

Lymphedema is the blockage of the lymph nodes, causing lymph to build up and swell a specific portion of the body. It is not to be confused with swelling (edema) due to other causes like cardiovascular problems. Lymphedema is usually not generalized swelling as in the swelling in your legs on a long plane trip or after sitting too long at the computer.

All conditions involving liquid retention and swelling may receive some help by gently applying lavender, lemon, balsam fir or the circulation blend (Lemon 30%, myrtle 25%, rosemary 20%, cypress  20%, cinnamon 3%, oregano 2%) either neat on the feet or in dilution (3 to 4 drops per teaspoon of mixing oil) on the affected areas  or on overall body massage. Always massage from the extremities toward the center of the body.

Consult with a certified health care professional to understand which type of swelling should be treated with massage and what kinds of massage would be beneficial for lymphedema.

For generalized and highly beneficial lymphatic massage to stimulate healthy, normal drainage and strengthen the immune system it is recommended to use juniper, rosemary, birch, and patchouli as a the Massage blend or as individual oils (25% essential oil and 75% carrier oil)