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June 24, 2023

Drinking oregano tea may not be your first choice for a healthy beverage, but this antioxidant-packed drink can have some serious health benefits. Oregano tea, as the name implies, is a tea that is brewed with the leaves of the oregano herb, either dry or fresh. Oregano is primarily used as an herb in cooking, while oregano essential oil is an important part of traditional medicine, but oregano tea doesn’t have the same level of popularity. This herb has been cultivated in the Mediterranean region and elsewhere for thousands of years and is widely available in any grocery store, market or health food store. Due to the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant compounds present in these leaves, there may be an impressive range of health benefits that a simple cup of this tea can provide. In terms of its medicinal effects, they can be enjoyed both by drinking, inhaling, and even topically applying this tea to the skin.

A variety of studies have found that the active ingredients in oregano might have anti-cancer abilities, particularly for colon cancer. The research showed that regular use of oregano tea may cause slowed growth in cancer cells, as well as apoptosis (cell death). A study in the Nutrition and Cancer journal reveals that oregano may be able to exert proapoptotic effects which help lower the risk of colon cancer. One more research from the Anticancer Drugs journal exhibits that the essential oils of oregano and thyme may have antitumor properties as the compound carvacrol in them might possess therapeutic potential for the prevention and treatment of colon cancer. 

How to Make Oregano Tea?

Many people choose to make their own oregano tea since dried oregano can be found in almost any spice rack. Fresh oregano leaves will create a slightly different taste but provide many of the same health benefits. For cold infusion or topical application, simply allow this tea to cool before use. So, let’s take a look at the recipe below.


  • 8 oz water
  • 2 tbsp fresh oregano leaves (or)
  • 1 tbsp dried oregano leaves


To make oregano tea, first, decide if you wish to use fresh or dried leaves.  If using fresh oregano leaves, bruise or cut them to release additional active ingredients. In case, you're using dried leaves, simply add a tablespoon of it as an infusion. 

  1. Meanwhile, boil a pot of water. At the same time, add the fresh or dried oregano leaves to a teapot or teacup.
  2. Once the water is boiled, allow it to cool down a bit and then pour it over the leaves and allow the beverage to steep for 5-10 minutes.
  3. Add honey or other natural sweeteners to counter the rather strong flavor of the tea. Your oregano tea is ready to be consumed. Enjoy this fresh infusion with your friends and family!

Can oregano tea cause any side effects?

Oregano has a long history of safe use in foods and food products. Most people won’t experience side effects from consuming oregano tea. However, if you drink a lot of oregano tea — say, more than four cups a day — you might develop an upset stomach.

In rare cases, people can also have allergic reactions to oregano. If you’re allergic to any kind of mint, avoid drinking oregano tea, as you may be allergic to oregano as well.