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June 28, 2023

Anxiety is a growing issue in society, especially among young people. The terms anxious and being nervous are often used interchangeably, and it is pretty common to hear someone say that he is feeling anxious when faced with a situation that makes them uncomfortable. Normal anxiety levels represent our body alarm system, which improves people's attention and problem-solving, motivates work towards goal, and does not negatively interfere with daily functioning. Anxiety disorders are the most prevalent psychiatric conditions; up to 33.7% of people suffer from an anxiety disorder during their lifetime. Anxiety disorders are the most prevalent psychiatric conditions; up to 33.7% of people suffer from an anxiety disorder during their lifetime.  Among the fewest drugs discovered are those belonging to the class of anxiolytics. Although some drug targets for anxiety disorders are established, it is hard to modify and selectively choose the active principle for those targets. Thus, the ethno medical approach to treating anxiety disorders remains one of the most prevalent ways for (self)managing the symptoms. Melissa officinalis L. (lemon balm) has been extensively used as an ethnomedicinal remedy for the treatment of different psyche-related symptoms, especially dose related to restlessness. According to studies, more than 40% of patients in Serbia suffering from different non-psychotic disorders use different herbal products for the treatment of their symptoms. One of the most frequently used plant species was reported to be Melissa officinalis. 

Lemon balm (Melissa officinalis) is a widely used medicinal plant, for the treatment of depression, anxiety, insomnia, anxiety-induced palpitation, and stress. It is used in central and southern Europe, the Mediterranean region, and west Asia as a folks herbal medicine. It is worth mentioning that Melissa essential oil is traditionally used by Austrian folk to treat various ailments, including those related to central nervous system. Due to the mentioned effects, Melissa officinalis  is officially recommended for the treatment of mild symptoms of anxiety. Thus, a recent preclinical study evaluated the effects of exposure to Melissa essential oil in reducing anxiety. Melissa oil reduced anxiety in all three experimental models of anxiety.

According Dr. Scott A. Johnson, inhaling Melissa essential oil can promote a sense of calm during periods of nervousness. For a calming diffuser blend with Melissa, add 3 drops each of bergamot and green mandarin, and 1 drop each of Melissa and Ylang Ylang.