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Have you ever tried “detoxification “ or “cleansing”? Or at least have you been thinking about it? Detoxing used to be used only by the most extreme natural health groups. Today, it has become a common thing, and more and more people get amazing benefits from flushing out toxins and other harmful substances. Thus, they recharge their bodies and achieve improvement of overall health. But while physical cleanses certainly have a variety of health benefits when done correctly, emotional health – an important part of overall wellness – is often overlooked.

After a stretch of poor eating habits and other unhealthy activities, our bodies start to feel sluggish and ill. When bad chemicals build up in our bodies, it causes a toxic overload. This can make us feel lethargic or even make us sick. In a similar way, negative emotions can build up in our bodies, too. This can weigh heavily on our minds, spirits and bodies when ignored.

Just as a physical detox removes the chemicals and other toxins that make us sick, an emotional healing detox will help cleanse all the negative emotions that plague our minds and souls. Toxic emotions build up over time and begin to have an impact on our relationships, careers and overall stress levels. Our bodies even begin to take a toll.

With an emotional healing detox, individuals can regain control of their lives with mental balance and, eventually, happiness. This is important to ensure we are getting the most out of life!

Emotional health is a precious gift to our physical health and well-being.

The emotional release with essential oils is a very gentle, step-by step process. Application of the oils accompanied by mental focus and relaxation should occur multiple times per day. Some emotional blocks will require only a day or two to begin releasing; others may require weeks,

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