Sunday, March 6, 2016 - 21:22

by Young Living                                                                                                                                                                     March 3, 2016

Set the stage for a great day by changing up your morning routine! Whether or not you’re an early riser, you can maximize your morning by taking the time to prepare for your day in the right way. How often do you feel like your day started on the wrong foot? Some days your whole morning can seem unproductive and rushed, leaving you feeling weary and flustered—even before lunch. Here are three suggestions that can help you find your center and give your day the great foundation that it deserves.


However you like to work up a sweat—whether it’s kickboxing, yoga, weightlifting, running, or even a brisk walk—morning may be your best time to do it. Not only is it easier to make time for the gym in the morning, before your day’s other priorities crowd in, but it also helps you start the day feeling invigorated. A morning workout is just one healthy choice that can help motivate you to make other healthy choices throughout the day. Need some ideas to make morning fitness work for you? Try these:

  • Go to bed early. Both a full night’s sleep and establishing good fitness habits are important.
  • Use NingXia Nitro™ for a wolfberry-infused essential oil boost before you get moving.
  • Listen to energizing music.
  • Get outside and go for a morning walk; bring a pet or a friend with you.
  • Practice exercises like morning yoga, which can help you stay grounded through your morning.


Planning a simple, delicious, healthful breakfast makes it easier to get up and provides crucial energy for your busy morning. Depending on your body and needs, you may want to eat breakfast before or after exercising. Either way, don’t skip out on the most important meal of the day!


Your emotions in the morning can help set the tone for the rest of the day. When you’re feeling positive, generous, grateful, and inspired when you wake up, those feelings can change everything, from how effectively you work to how long the wait at the post office feels.

Not feeling positive, generous, grateful, or inspired? Try and chart a new course for your morning with a few simple exercises. First, try simple breathing exercise to refresh your perspective and improve your sense of relaxation. Second, set your intention for the day by completing this sentence with a word that fits for you: “I want to feel _____ today.” Some examples to get you started include: calm, joyful, grateful, helpful, relaxed, in control, balanced, accomplished, and at ease. Find the word that fits your intentions for the day and make it your mission to experience it!