March 27, 2017

By Dr. Mercola

One of the most popular essential oils around is extracted from Rosmarinus officinalis, which is widely known in the Mediterranean region for its culinary and herbal benefits and has been extensively used for a wealth of health and wellness purposes.Find out more about rosemary oil and what sets it apart from other widely celebrated herbal oils.

March 18, 2017

In gardening circles, lemongrass is a beautiful ornamental grass that helps repel mosquitoes. In fact, whole “grass gardens” of intentionally grown grass meant for aesthetics are popping up, and lemongrass is a favorite. Outside of trendy garden spaces, lemongrass is a culinary staple in Thai cuisine as an herb with the intense flavor of – you guessed it! – lemons.

Originating in the East, lemongrass and its oils have been part of local traditions and medicine for etecades. With the resurgence of essential oils worldwide and increasing popularity in the US, lemongrass essential oil has become one of the more popular choices in aromatherapy, and science is beginning to verify traditional uses and uncover its mechanisms of benefit – and lemongrass has a wide range of uses, from muscle pain to cosmetics.

March 10, 2017

A review and analysis of several studies suggests aromatherapy is effective for promoting better sleep.

A recent meta-analysis of research on the use of aromatherapy for improving sleep quality showed the modality to be effective in terms of enhancing sleep.

The study, “The effects of aromatherapy on sleep improvement: a systematic literature review and meta-analysis,” focused on evaluating 13 randomized, controlled trials that involved the use of aromatherapy for promoting better sleep.

March 1, 2017

Myofascial release provided an immediate increase in salivary flow rate among breast-cancer survivors, indicating a parasympathetic effect, according to recent research. This research also showed that myofascial release led to increased immune function among those subjects with a positive attitude toward massage.The study, “The Influence of Patient Attitude Toward Massage on Pressure and Pain Sensitivity and Immune System after Application of Myofascial Release in Breast Cancer Survivors: A Randomized, Controlled Crossover Study,” involved 20 breast-cancer survivors during their first year of treatment, with a mean age of 49 years, plus or minus eight years.

Inclusion criteria were a diagnosis of breast cancer from stage I to IIIA, completion of oncology treatment and moderate to high fatigue as assessed by the Fatigue Piper Scale during the previous week.

            February 17, 2017

Cleansing and the commitment you make to it is a personal choice. You have to decide what program you want to follow and then discipline yourself to accomplish what you desire. Even drinking enough water takes discipline.

However, the reward is worth the denial of food and the pleasure of eating. You cannot put a price on health, because the price of not having good health is too high. You simply have to plan your protocol, get started, and stay with it.


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